Toyota Forklifts Technical Information


Toyota not just handles vehicles, it moreover makes a noteworthy line of streamlined material handling supplies. Toyota fabricates the 8FGCU series of forklifts, which incorporates such shows as the 8FGCU15 and the 8FGCU32.

Load Capacity

A machine’s burden limit points to the sum of weight it can securely lift without definitely expanding the danger of tipping. The 8FGCU line of forklifts proposition load limits between 3,000 lbs. furthermore 6,500 lbs., relying on the model.


The 8FGCU series headlines forklift engines that award diverse exhibition levels. The 8FGCU15 and the 8FGCU18 models are fitted with an engine that offers 48 torque at 2,250 pivots for every moment. Different models, for example the 8FGCU30 and 8FGCU32 headline an engine that offers 51 pull at 2,570 rpm.


While conveying a full burden, some forklift models in the 8FGCU series can voyage at a most extreme speed of 10.6 mph. Different models can voyage at a greatest speed of 10.9 mph. Forklift demonstrates in this series can lift a most extreme load at a rate of 102, 110 or 124 feet-for every-moment, relying on the model.


The 8FGCU series forklifts are designed to a length of between 82.3 inches and 98.6 inches. They are between 37.2 inches and 43.7 inches wide and either 80.1 inches or 80.7 inches heightened.