How to Control a Stand Up Forklift

Stand up forklifts permits the operator to stand up while moving forward and retrogressive, or to lift stacks with the front forks. The lift truck has a multi-reason, ergonomically-designed control handle with each of the controls to operate the forklift in one place and a controlling handle. Understanding the distinctive capacities of the control handle helps you control the stand up forklift.


  1. Look both courses before moving the lift truck forward to see that nothing or neither man nor woman is in your direction. Place your right hand on the control handle. Prod the handle forward to move the forklift forward while prodding your foot down on the gas petal. Carry the handle back to the inside position to stop and lift your foot off the gas petal.
  2. Look behind you and press the top button as an afterthought of the handle to sound the horn, telling any individual in the vicinity that you are moving in reverse. Pull the handle back in the direction of you to move in reverse while prodding your foot down on the gas petal. To stop, take your foot off the gas petal and move the control handle back to the focal point position.
  3. Make a turn by pressing the handle forward to go forward, or pulling the handle back for reverse. While the lift truck is moving, your other hand ought to be on the controlling handle, turning it inefficiently counterclockwise for a left-hand turn, or clockwise for a right-hand turn.
  4. Use the control buttons on the tip of the control handle to lift and move loads. The top button grows the forks into the burden. The button on the left raises the burden. The bottom button withdraws the forks. The button on the right brings down the burden.